Our Mission

We take pride in knowing our customers, and knowing our business. Collectively, within the company, we have over 400 years of experience in bulk material handling applications. That means there’s some gray hair in this group, and there’s not many bulk material handling issues/opportunities that we haven’t come across.

We’ve completed long conveyors, short conveyors, high tonnage conveyors, conveyors with curves, and high horsepower conveyors. We’ve put conveyors into extreme cold conditions, and into hot dry conditions, and underground. We’ve provided conveyors for downhill slopes and extreme high-angle conveyors.

Reliability: The integrity of our designs and the quality of our components and engineering make all the difference in your facility’s productivity. Not every component supplier fits in each application – our experience allows us to select the best technical supplier for your application.

Responsiveness: As a dedicated specialist in materials handling solutions, we are agile and responsive to your needs. We service what we sell and we support our customers.

Cost: Materials handling solutions are all we do. We run a low-overhead operation and our cost structure reflects it. And that allows us to provide competitive solutions.

Quality: We source fabrications from pre-qualified & reliable fabricators—as close to the jobsite as possible—and select the most appropriate components for each specific application.

Experience: After decades in business, we know this industry. We have established a trusted network of experienced suppliers and vendors. And our project managers are skilled at delivering conveying systems on time and on budget.

Our People: As we progress towards the future we’re adding a few younger people into the business and listening to their innovative ideas. But we’re careful to ensure that they learn good design practices and implement them for every project. Know someone who sounds like a fit for us?

Support: We also take pride in very low warranty issues, but when we do discover a problem we fix it and stay with our customer until they are completely satisfied.