Trouble with your conveyors?

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January 15, 2020

Conveyors systems are often the last bits of kit that get your attention.   But now you realize that a number of issues keep recurring, and are starting to cause unplanned downtime.

You may not be a conveyor expert, but we are.   And we’re here to help you sort out the conveyor issues you are facing with a detailed and thorough conveyor system audit, and a complete report.

We’ll come to your site, an experienced conveyor service technician, with a complete checklist.   By the time we are done you’ll have a full detailed report with recommendations and pictures to show you what needs your attention.   And we’ll stay with you to help implement those important recommendations.

If your budget doesn’t allow for a true expert to come to your site, no worries.  Just ask and we’ll send you the same checklist we would use, and help you understand before you start what you should be looking for.

  • What should you be looking for?
  1. Safety issues come first.
  2. Belt alignment.
  3. Rotating mechanical equipment.
  4. Complete drive components.
  5. Structural integrity.
  6. Wear liners and spillage points.
  7. Electrical components.


Reliable operation of your conveying system is our objective.   Let us know how we can help you?

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