LafargeHolcim’s Portland Cement plant is a dry process cement plant that has been operating since 1996 in Florence, Colorado. With 125 employees the Portland Cement plant supplies customers in Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Wyoming, Idaho, Texas, Utah & Nebraska.

Environmental Commitment – The Portland cement plant is US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certified. Environmental technology at the plant includes a flue gas desulfurization scrubber that eliminates more than 90 percent of sulfur dioxide emissions. Other improvements include a low nitrogen oxide calciner to reduce NOx emissions and modern bag-houses for effective dust collection.


TEP Group was contracted to design, supply, and commission the Bulk Material Handling system to ensure LafargeHolcim could operate at full capacity.


TEP Group provided design & supply of a complete materials handling conveyor system for a 1.8 million tonne/year greenfield cement plant.
 2000 ft overland conveyor @ 48’’ b/w to deliver crushed ore to the storage area.
 3 x 96’’ belt feeders.
 48’’ tripper conveyor to distribute material in the pre-blending hall.
 Twin 36’’ truss conveyors on a common structure, to feed material from the pre-blending hall reclaim area to the mill.
 Scrap tires were used as an alternative fuel addition to assist in firing the kiln. TEP Group scope included the tire handling system.
 _____ b/w gallery conveyor within the mill @ ______ ft in length
 Overall, TEP Group supplied 31 conveyors @ 7700 ft of total length with over 800 tons of fabricated conveyor steelwork.
 Four fabricators were coordinated to meet this deliverable.
 Field erection & commissioning services provided by TEP Group.

Benefits and Results

Responsibility for the bulk material system was with TEP Group, and the customer's business depended on the the reliability to achieve full tonnage.


Since 1996 this plant has been operating successfully, with just regular maintenance. The best kind of conveyor system is the one that does the job day after day while you hardly notice it.